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Sane Active is a Swiss sportswear brand founded in 2021 by two brothers from Bern with roots from a small mountain village in Valais and

Senegal / Ivory Coast. Our brand is a reflection of our passion for fitness, health, and exploring the outdoors. With the addition of Pascal, our team now consists of three individuals who share a common vision of creating a brand that is for everyone.

Our interest and actions in fashion dates back years, and we wanted to create something new that combined our love for fashion with our desire to create products that support a healthy and active lifestyle. Sane Active is more than just a sportswear brand - we want to inspire people to live their lives to the fullest and to take care of their physical and mental health, being active in every situation in life.

The name "Sane" comes from our family name, which also means healthy and sensible. We believe that health is essential to living a fulfilling life.


"Active" reflects our focus on sportswear and hiking products, which are designed to support an active and adventurous lifestyle.

At Sane Active, we are committed to providing high-quality affordable activewear and accessories that combine style, functionality, and sustainability. Our products are designed to help you stay comfortable, protected, and looking great while pursuing your fitness and outdoor activities. However, we also believe that our products can be used in different situations in life, not only for sports.


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