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April 2023 / Easter egg hunt, in another way

Sane Active created a belated SANE ACTIVE Easter egg hunt!

We hided some unique Sane Active samples and printed t-shirts in several Leger des Heils / Heilsarmee thrift stores across Bern and Zurich. You had the possibility to do a shopping tour and to treat yourself to a 1-of-1 pieces from our brand.

Not only will you score a cool find, but you'll also support a good cause. We're donating all the proceeds to the Leger des Heils / Heilsarmee, which helps people in need in various countries and places.

At the same time, we wanted to encourage our community to embrace sustainable fashion and shop more in second-hand stores.

UPDATE: we heard that all the pieces were gone during the first few weeks. So to everyone out there that copped anything - you was and will be active!

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