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Summer 2022 / 1 season - 3 products

The summer 2022 was an exciting time for us, with the launch of three new products that quickly became customer favorites. From sport glasses to swimshorts and dry fast jerseys, we had a little something for everyone to enjoy their outdoor activities in style.

We started off by shooting a video for our sport glasses with Daouda in Zurich, showcasing their skills and how our glasses help perform at their best. The video captured the excitement and energy of him, and the glasses' durability and functionality were on full display.

For our swimshorts, we wanted to collaborate with a swimgroup from Bern to show off their unique styles and skills, which didn't happen unfortunately. The result after that was a shooting near Bern with Joel.

Our dry fast jerseys were a hit among footballers, so we decided to shoot a video featuring a group of them playing the beautiful game. We captured the jerseys' moisture-wicking capabilities, breathability, and sleek design, making them the perfect choice for intense sports activities.

Each product had its own unique video, shooting, and cast of cool people.

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